Black Married Fly: On a Budget

Financial Guru Jayden Hollywood is here to keep your Money from looking funny. He’s got tax advice, life advice, budget advice and more. This isn’t some Economics Master Class either. He breaks it down into bite size chunks that a newbie can digest but that a financial savant will still be able to appreciate. He’s a finance pro that has a degree and is certified. He’s dropping new knowledge every 1st and 15th like payday. Plus if these tidbits aren’t enough he can help fix your finances one on one at


Episode 6 - Dating on a Budget

Chances are you’re spending more money than you have to on dates. Jayden has some ways to save some you some coin on those outings so you can stack money instead of spending it.

Episode 5 - SMART goals

Goals are the starting point for success. This week Jayden’s discussing how to ensure your financial goals make sense, have a timeline, are achievable and more!


Episode 4 - Marriage is a Business

Jayden’s bringing the heat this week on something most couples hate to talk about…Money. What can happen to your relationship (and your money) if you don’t know your partner’s financial status. Ways you and your partner can get on the same page, and how to increase financial transparency within your relationship.

Episode 3 - Repairing your Credit

The Certified Financial Life Coach is back with some ways to get your Credit fixed up right without having to jump through a million hoops. Credit repair isn’t a quick process but Jayden Hollywood has some ways to make it simple. Need more than a little bit help with getting your score up? Click HERE.

Episode 2 - How to Travel

Jayden’s on vacation but he’s still got time for ya’ll (No seriously he’s literally on vacation right now in California). Anyway, it’s about to be travel season and everyone’s got vacation plans. Jayden’s cluing you in on how to travel the right way not the broke boy way. This isn’t just some groupon stuff he lays out end to end how to properly book a flight, how to plan the itinerary, how to get the money for the trip and how to avoid the mistakes 99% of people make. Click HERE for some good rental car discounts


Episode 1 - Tax Season

Taxes seem hard as hell. You plug in a bunch of numbers and hope for a tax return. Thats how most of us think about it but Jayden breaks down what most of it means and more importantly how to do get as much from your Tax filing as possible. And as someone who professional handles taxes for millionaire clients and business, he kinda knows what he’s talking about.

About Jayden Hollywood

Jayden was not always the financial guru that he is today. Growing up in a household, just shy of the federal poverty line in Prince George’s County, MD he knew the importance of money management, but didn’t have the tools to create the financial stability he so desperately craved. Graduating Towson University with a B.S in Accounting & incurring a large amount of debt, Jayden was determined to make a change.

 With a little hard work and A LOT of sacrifice, Jayden became financially independent, gained professional growth as an accountant at a small CPA firm in Atlanta and became a Certified Financial Life Coach. Over the past five years he’s worked with clients in just about every industry-helping them not only expand their financial portfolios, but to create plans that ensure financial sustainability & longevity.