You Think You’re Tough?

Do you think you’re driven?

Do you think you’re mentally stronger than most people?

Do you think you’ve been through things that most people wouldn’t people and might not have made it through?

Congratulations. You’re Probably Wrong.

I know this because I was the guy who thought that. I thought I was driven, that I was a killer performer, that when I showed up I showed out. I thought I was mentally tougher. I used to think “most people would be shocked if they knew your story.” The reality is several things:

1.       Most people claim they are ambitious and hardworking

That thought is relative. What I call a hard days work, another man would consider practically a day off. Plus, if everyone is so ambitious, how come so few people achieve their goals?

2.       Most people think they are mentally strong

This one is definitely Bullshxt. Too many people are phone addicted, food addicted, social media addicted, drug addicted, etc. Everyone’s looking for an easy way to lose weight. Whether it’s a new diet or fancy routine.  But the most scientifically proven safest long-lasting way has existed for 10,000 years. Its called eat less, exercise more. Like most REAL solutions, it’s simple.

If everyone is mentally tough why does everyone wait until New Years to change? There are 364 other days (minimum) to start on whatever your goal is. We are so mentally tough that whining and excuses are acceptable. Its always “I don’t have time to work out” but you have time for Netflix, or “I’ll start tomorrow” but tomorrow never comes. Most of us don’t have the discipline to be consistent, let alone start a new endeavor.

3.       You’ve been through some special journey that most people couldn’t fathom.

Here’s what I’ve learned about this: there are some people that achieve a special goal in a special way before everyone else. But very few people’s history and background are truly special. A lot of people had fuked up childhoods, a lot of people got counted out, a lot of people had no one to help them, a lot of people had to run it solo, a lot of people did it as a single mom, a lot of people have been through abuse. If you need to hold on to being “special” that’s cool, but its also irrelevant to success. Because for everyone successful person with that terrible backstory, there are about 30 with the same story that didn’t grow up to be shxt. Your past isn’t what makes your present, the way you chose to deal with it does.


So what really matters?

Where you come from and what you think of yourself affect where you end up. However, they are about as important to the banana split as the cherry and the whipped cream. The Bananas and the ice cream are discipline and planning. Discipline is the life blood of success.

  • Those days that you don’t feel like getting out of bed, discipline will sustain you.

  • The days that co-worker is trying to get you to act out of character, discipline will sustain you.

  • The days you want to quit on your goal and give up on your dreams, discipline will sustain you.  

Speaking of goals, they are nice but the real reason they are important is because they allow you to build a plan to success. A goal must be clearly defined. It must be visualized and given a due date. You need to have a plan because no one hits success by accident. Sure, some people do really well because of their God given gifts, but it usually isn’t respected by the gifted because they didn’t have a process. The same way we respect the money we work for more than the money we are given. We respect the effort. Discipline is most important though because you can adjust plans based on changing factors and information. You can’t adjust discipline.

You either have discipline or you don’t. The same way you either showed up to your dreams or you chose to let them die.

- Rob Immortal

Rob Immortal prides himself on being the 6'4" Black, loc'd, and Bearded version of one Daria Morgendoffer. The last male heir of a family of Misanthropic Bamas, he enjoys Oreos, exotic dancers, fine leather goods, and anything related to black empowerment. Entering the first stage of his evolution into a millennial curmudgeon, he writes on observations as a black married man.

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