You Are all that is Required

First off I missed last week. I ain’t got no excuses I was just undisciplined.

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That being said lets get into it…

One of my favorite excuses not to work toward some of my goals was “I don’t have the necessary resources yet.” I used to think it to myself. It was my favorite crutch to lean on when I asked myself why I wasn't achieving my goals. I used to think “well he was born on third base” or “she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.” As if i wasn't a suburban kid who’s Mom taught in deed and in verbiage the value of hard work. The reality is I was comfortable with my life and the way it looked. I would talk a good game when it came to my ambitions, but I was coasting on good luck and talent. My excuses fed me breakfast in the morning and tucked me in at night.


When I Iooked at my goals I thought “this is impossible to do without help”. “I can't get swole without a personal trainer. I can’t get this certification without a tutor. I can't climb the career ladder without having an inside look.” I took the life raft of mediocrity every time. You may be reading this and thinking “But Rob, no man wins alone. No one achieves their dreams without help.” You won't find me disagreeing with that. But check this: That first step you take and every single step after are still going to be ones you take alone. You can have the world cheering for you and all the resources in the world. If you don't want to build that won't. It doesn't matter how many people want you to win, they can't win for you. It doesn't matter if someone takes you to the gym and physically stands you on the treadmill, they cant walk for you. The true battle is in the mind, where your resolve lies, and while people can help you achieve the goal faster people can't give you resolve, and thus can’t achieve shxt for you.

You are all you need to achieve everything in life because you are the person required to show up for your goals. The reason the kid from war torn Africa can get to his goals before the Billionaire's son is because he shows up for his goals. I’m not divorced from reality. If you want to become a Titan of Industry that requires literally thousands of other people. But those people will never show up if you don’t.


That goal of losing weight, that goal of starting a business, that goal of finishing your degree, or getting promoted are all waiting on you. That connection you need to make, that girl you want to date, that shot you need to take, they are waiting on you. So much is waiting behind that door. If you just turn the knob and walk through it could all be there for you.

Just don’t use the excuse “I need more help before I start”, because people achieve more with less than you have right now.

Stop bullshxtting,

- Rob Immortal

Rob Immortal prides himself on being the 6'4" Black, loc'd, and Bearded version of one Daria Morgendoffer. The last male heir of a family of Misanthropic Bamas, he enjoys Oreos, exotic dancers, fine leather goods, and anything related to black empowerment. Entering the first stage of his evolution into a millennial curmudgeon, he writes on observations as a black married man.

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