Speed Kills

“Never give up what you want most for what you want today” - Neil Maxwell

Impatience can be a motherfu*ker. In my opinion its my number one flaw.

Instant turnaround excites me. My number one motivator is results. If I see results, i’m hooked. The results don’t even need to be big. Workout at the gym, but feel better after the workout? I’ll be back the next day. Ate shxt at work the whole day but managed to make progress on one thing? That day was a good day. Argued with my wife the whole day but she says I love you and gives me a deep kiss before we go to sleep? That’s a win right there.

But what happens when nothing happens?

What do you do when you’ve been toughing out at the gym and eating right for 7 days straight and it doesn’t show up on the scale? What happens when you’ve been an exemplary employee for 6 months straight with no mistakes and not even an attaboy? What happens when you’re wife is so preoccupied with her own responsibilities that she doesn’t give you any quality time that week? Imma be real. The core of who I am wants to quit. I want to say “f*ck it, i’ve been above and beyond and ain’t got shxt to show for it.” Wisdom has taught me to work beyond who I am and develop into who I want to be. My mind kicks in (on good day because I ain’t perfect) and says “You’re bxtching out because you didn’t get what you want on your timetable? That ain’t the mark of man."

I can attack myself at my ego because I am a prideful person. I believe i’m not average, that I am destined for something greater than my progenitors, and that when my scion supersedes me it will be to achieve even greater feats. Pride comes before the fall as the good book says (and people like to quote), but i’m not talking about arrogance I’m talking about faith in ones self. I disdain weakness as a character trait above almost all other flaws. It’s not something I ever want to be or am satisfied with.

But its who I am…

Everyone has a weakness. Mine are too long a list to name without derailing this post, but one is expedience. If I want something I want it now. Not tomorrow, not after breakfast, now! I’m used to figuring out how to get things quickly. However, I am quickly entering a part of my life where that GSD (get shxt done) talent is not enough. Everyone has it. It’s now more about who knows how to maneuver, who is willing to grind day in and day out with no clear progress. Basically its now about your internals. Whats in your soul? Who you are is determined more by what you choose not to be more so that who you choose to be. If you’re choosing not to be regular, if you’re choosing not stay at your perceived capacity, if you’re choosing not to be a head down eyes closed person then you’re actions have to reflect it. That is where the rubber meets the road and words turn into action.

And you know what they say about you if you ain’t about that action…

- Rob Immortal

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