You will probably not attain everything you desire. You probably won't meet every goal. You probably won't make every dream a reality. You know what though?...that's probably okay.

If you achieve all of your dreams and goals you probably aren't aiming high enough. Its that simple. The man who reaches the mountaintop doesn't stop and build a house, he looks for another mountain to claim and gets moving. Achievement rubs on people two ways: it creates apathy and a false sense of ease, or it motivates. That motivation for me is magical. Wins motivate me to get more wins and build on the momentum. It's an amazing feeling…until you hit failure.

Failure is a funny word it is defined as "lack of success". The definition implies that success is almost an unavailable resource. Like "Bro, you got any success? Naw mane we fresh out of that." For me failure is an opportunity. Its a chance to pivot and adjust my plans. Don't get me wrong that shxt sucks. I HATE when I fail, it is the fastest way i get irrationally angry that doesn't involve physical violence. Failure is required though.

Things don't end well for those that are either too good for failure or aren't allowed to fail. Football players that have never failed from pee wee to college usually flame out in the NFL. Trust fund babies are typical maladjusted and unable to properly adjust in society. Look at it this way: Even a baby that is not allowed to fail will never crawl, and will never walk. When you don't fail you cripple yourself.

Embrace failure. It is medicine. When used properly it can heal you and improve who you are. When used improperly it makes you a junkie, it attacks your mind and can spiral you into depression.

And depression that originated from failure to achieve a personal goal is a failure in and of its self.

- Rob Immortal