Blowing Money Fast

BMF….Blowing Money Fast?….Black Married Fly?


I like spending money, but I hate being broke. What a conundrum right? Yes. It's an oxymoron. Two diametrically opposed forces, consumption and consolidation. Its weird trying to juggle the two. I must admit i have money problems. Thing is I've been broke, not as a a child but as an adult. If you’re a broke as a child it doesn’t hurt the same because its not your fault. Its a problem caused by an adult that an adult must resolve. When you’re broke as an adult its one persons fault, yours.

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Now I’m not talking about "No clubbing this week" broke or "i have to cancel this years vacation" broke. I’m talking about "do I keep my lights and water on or do I pay for my medicine?" broke (literally). Shxt sucks man and its not something I’m ever trying to go back to. You want to treat yourself and buy yourself some nice stuff but guess what?. You've got bills to pay, you've got a family to support. I signed up for those bills. I signed up for that family. Shxts not cheap and to keep it funky being a man isn't cheap.

For all the shxt people talk about gender roles it's funny that when it goes sideways and it gets dark and someone has to beat the brakes off a problem, no one turns to the ladies, they expect the man to get involved. As well they should. I’m built for problem solving, for fixing shxt. That means that when no one else is disciplined, I have to be. When know one else is there, I have to stand tall, when everyone shrinks in the moment, I will rise.

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My issue for so long is that i thought that life was a series of credit card swipes. I didn't realize that everything I am, everything I have has a maintenance cost. Healthy mind? Requires maintenance. Healthy body? Requires maintenance. Healthy Marriage? Requires maintenance. Healthy Career? Requires maintenance.

Everything has a cost. When you get something you asked for, you haven't finished paying for it. You keep paying for it until it's no longer yours. There is honor in maintaining. Embrace the maintenance the way a car enthusiast enjoys waxing his car. That guy is happy for the maintenance because he is happy to have the car. The more detailed and dedicate you are with your maintenance, the more time you get to enjoy it.

And the longer it takes you to realize this, this less time you get to keep it.

- Rob Immortal

Rob Immortal prides himself on being the 6'4" Black, Loc'd, and Bearded version of one Daria Morgendoffer. The last male heir of a family of Misanthropic Bamas, he enjoys Oreos, exotic dancers, fine leather goods, and anything related to black empowerment. Entering the first stage of his evolution into a millennial curmudgeon, he writes on observations as a black married man.

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