Awaken My (Self) Love

“…Sitting by desolate streams world losers and world-forsakers on whom the pale moon gleams. Yet we are the movers and shakers of the world forever, it seems.”

- Arthur O’Shaughnessy

I don’t like lazy people. I don’t listen to whinners very long. However, if you’re lazy and whining you’re officially under my skin and I will have an adverse reaction. People love complaining and hate action because one is easy and the other actually requires thought and commitment. Most people want to vent, they want to boost their ego, but they don’t want to work. Because working is for people who get it done, and whining is for people that don’t. What’s funny is that if you’re talking and you start doing, you won’t have much time to talk and the problem will get to the point that you don’t have anything to talk about…because the problem will be wrapped up.

Being mediocre is about being satisfied with your circumstances because you don’t want to put in the work to improve your circumstances…in other words lazy.

Keep it 100 I was someone that was okay with just doing okay. I felt like as long as I was doing slightly above average I was alright. I looked at some other people around me who were working hard but struggling and I took my easy street for granted.

I was wrong.

I’m not average and you’re probably not either. Everyone has their talents and if you’re not trying to get the most out of life then it is a disservice to you as a person and the journey you’re on. I think about where I would be if hadn’t been coasting and put my nose to the grindstone. Where I would be if “good enough” wasn’t “good enough.” So much of the shxt i’m cleaning up now is stuff that never would’ve occurred in my life if I had just made hay while the sun is shining. I’ve been slowly but surely starting to understand what is required to live a life above average. My observation has been that most successful people don’t do anything inherently different than what everyone knows to do. Those people excel over the average person because the average person ain’t shxt on average.

Investment matters.

Show me someone who is successful and I’ll show you someone who was invested in by others and invested in themselves. I am discovering the power of investing in yourself and how it pays dividends over time. I was the guy who is used to pulling it off by the seat of my pants so much that I thought it was sustainable…trust me it ain’t. Well, I’ll say this: I do not currently possess the intellect or gift of execution to pull it off. Which means I had to start pouring into myself in a way that was sustainable. A lot of people immediately jump to therapy or going back to school. It ain’t just that. The biggest form of self-care for me was spending less time with people who only wanted to talk to me about bullshxt and start talking to people that are trying to get after it. Don’t get me wrong, friends should have categories and just because you are growing in different directions doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be friends. But if that friend is the equivalent of fried twinkies in your food pyramid, you know he can’t get the same amount of time that he normally would. If you’re got friends that are like chicken and roughage, may you should spend more time with them.

I am taking active steps to improve myself because that is what love is to me and because that is what is required for me to reach my goals.

Eating bullshxt all the time.…that ain’t self-love

Spending a lot of time with people who are toxic and not goal-oriented…that ain’t self-love.

Not staying active and letting my body deteriorate….that ain’t self-love

Ignoring problems in my body and mind.…that ain’t self-love

Forsaking the long term dreams for the short term pleasures….that aint self-love

Talking about my goals but not working to get to them….that ain’t self-love

I’m here to get the best out of my life. The best love, the most fulfilment, the best time, the best friends, the best memories, the best impact. I’m trying to win in the way that I define it. That takes hard work, determination, dedication, sacrifice, and discipline.

I love me and try to show myself that I’m worth loving every day. That means loving my goals and desires enough to make them happen.

- Rob Immortal

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