You're all You've Got

Disclaimer right off the bat: The people who support you, who love you, who check on you, who have your back, honor those people. Stay close to them, go above and beyond to support them. They are the team (temporary or not) that God puts in place to help you achieve the goal.

That being said, you're in this alone.

I'll break it down like this: like life, most sports are team sports, but the individual members of the team are responsible for themselves. When Lebron takes a shot, he takes it by himself, when Zeke Elliot receives the ball he is running by himself, when Messi scores he does it by himself. People may be assisting these guys to ensure the shot they take is the best available but there is no one assisting them with the actual action. And what about off the field? The workouts, the film study, the practices? What you get out of those things is entirely up to you. You are in this thing by yourself and if you think someone will be there to assist you, you will be disappointed most of the time.

Riding solo isn't a bad thing. It's where growth happens. The body and the mind are designed to adapt to the conditions they are consistently subjected to. If you're like me and choose to eat too much and lay around too much, you'll get a dad bod. The body has been trained to know you aren't exercising much so it has to store the excess food in the form of fat. You body also recognizes when you are exercising and begins to treat food differently, so more of it goes toward repair and recovery of the muscles you've been using. Feeding yourself (as an adult) is, for the most part, a solo activity. Even if others are around you must take the food, chew it, ingest it, and let your body do the rest. Im realizing this is true for mental and spiritual food as well. The more you do it, the better your mind and body get at it. And this is where shxt gets tough for me…

Growth is in the most uncomfortable part of anything. I've known this for sometime. What's effed up is that as much as I say want to grow it must be bullshxt because I usually run from what's uncomfortable. I see it, mentally say "No Thank You" and keep saying "im serious about growth". It's a cycle that I've let comfort me for far too long. When you only double down on your strengths it makes your weakness more apparent. Here's an example: you ever met a pretty girl, body amazing, gorgeous face, hair laid perfect, amazing smile, but she had a shxtty attitude and only ever talked about herself? You probably remember her terrible personality just as much if not more than what she looked like. It's because of the dichotomy between looking fine and being ugly. She was so focuses on looking cute that she didn't think about being beautiful. When I run from my weaknesses instead of working on them, that’s what im doing. 

Shxts hard.

People can be a crutch too. That’s why its so important who you chose to spend your time with. It's embarrassing to say but I use the success of those around me as motivation. In a way it's a good thing but its a bad road to go down. If your motivation is external it will not sustain you. Even if its your child. Eventually that child will grow up and be able to sustain themselves. Then what? The only motivation that will always be there for you is you. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, you can't run from yourself. If you get it in your head that YOU are going to achieve YOUr goals for YOUr own reasons then you will be able to carry YOUrself.

"So Rob, sounds like you got this figured out. How come you ain't got your shxt together."


Commitment to excellence is a DAILY pursuit. It doesn't chill with its family on weekends, it doesn't believe in holidays, it doesn't take weekends off. I know because when I'm focused and giving a shxt things happen faster, im sharper, i can see the progress, and most importantly im a better man. But when I say to myself "naw, I ain't getting of bed at 4:30am", "I'm not going to the gym today", "imma leave early from work", that slack that im giving shows up quick. I'm not as tight, I start slacking in other areas, i start missing things.

People aren't going to handle your life for you. When it's time to shoot your shot, run that race, lift that weight, you have to do it alone.

So you better figure out how you're going to do it.

- Rob Immortal

Robert Miller