Bum Life

"Objects at rest tend to stay at rest…"

- Some smart person

I have a proclivity for laziness. It's kinda my default mode. Wife asks "what do you want to do today?" I usually say "i’m down for whatever" or "just chill". There's nothing wrong with having days like that, but when that's what you do most days, you're getting soft.

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Everything the human body and mind were designed for involves growth and change. A friend told me "If it's not growing its dying. If you're not a better person than you were a year ago you wasted a year of your life." My life is about improvement. Even if its incremental and small, it still counts.

The body and the mind can take a lot of change. They are both built for adaptation. As you workout your body leans out and builds muscle so it can comfortably address the way you test it. The mind is the same way. Look back on your life, even if it hasn't been very long. There are probably countless times you were tested, times you didn't think you were going to find a way out. It happened though and it increased your confidence. Your mind remembers those things subconsciously even when you don't think about them.

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If you have the willpower to get out of bed and go to a job you don't feel like going to everyday, you have what it takes to be successful. If you can make sure you boot up the PC, Xbox, or PS4 you have what it takes to be successful (if you play on a Nintendo Switch everyday i’m not sure if there's hope for you). If you can make sure you get that fast food on the regular you have what it takes to be successful. The same drive for those things is the same drive required to go get the shxt you want.

Now back to me being lazy…

Here's the thing: i want the goal but I don't want the work. Most people are like this but the truly successful people (i believe) relish the work. The take pride and joy in the work. Its unpleasant sometimes (shxt, most of the time) but they are so focus on the accomplishment and the challenge they look forward to getting in and kicking ass. I don't even look at it as kicking ass, its more like another step on another path on another mountain I have to climb. The power of the mind is that things can literally be as you want them to. If you truly enjoy the work it's no longer a chore, its a past time. For me the ball has to get rolling. I just need that one step to get started. My great flaw in progress is that i’m motivated by progress. I give shxt about 3 weeks, if I don't feel something different, then i’m likely to quit.

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Quitters dont get shxt except "try again next time", and as someone who loves to eat, that shxt dont taste good.

- Rob Immortal

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