Go for Your Guns

"Shoot your best shot and keep on living."

- Ron Isley

Happiness is scary.

True happiness is not something I believe most people in this world come across often. It is something that most people (myself included) search for their entire lives. We search for it in our work, in our purpose, in our children, in experiences, substances, in religion even in death. I believe the "pursuit of happiness" is motivated by most people's desires for that dopamine hit your brain receives when it gets something it wants. There are many ways to get that jolt and some (like an office promotion) are celebrated) while others (like heroin) are vilified. One thing is the same everyone wants it. I've never come across a single person that would say "no" to the question "Do you want to be happy?"

For a long time, I confused happy with satisfied. They are usually different even though I am starting to think they should be the same. Example: satisfied is if I was hungry and I had 8 oz of chicken and 2 cups of broccoli. Happy is if I was hungry and got a 5 guys burger with an extra patty and large fries. That is my definition of happy. At one point that Happy would've been a medium meat lovers pizza and a footlong sub. At the end of the day its gluttony and long term conflicts with my other "happiness" (is that a word?) of healthy, having sexy bod (yes men care about that) and an ambulatory lifestyle.

Feeling Good ain't Necessarily Happy.

Full disclosure: I've had some addictions in my time, none of them completely debilitating, but all could be clinically diagnosed. My close friends know some of them, but others I kept to myself. In the moment you believe that you're happy. That the way you feel in that brief moment is all you wanted. But then you come back down and life is still there with all of its responsibilities. I don’t think healthy happiness should be an escape from reality. I'm not saying don’t take a break from your current life. Vacations are good and healthy. They are a chance to decompress and recharge yourself, not inherently different than a rest break between quarters of the game called life. Life's most noble pursuits aren't in the rest breaks they are in the game itself. At the same time, if your pursuit of happiness is with the intention of leaving the game and never coming back, you may be dealing with a bigger issue than just "feeling good".

Again Happiness is Scary. 

Its called "pursuit of happiness'' not "I’m chilling because happiness is going to find me". If it was that easy everyone would just and be satisfied because they know happiness is on the way. Chasing happiness can be scary, it will require you to get out of your comfort zone. You may have to do things you've never seen anyone do before. You will be judged, you will lose friends, you will have bumps and bruises. It’s enough to make some people sit back and say "good enough is good enough". If that is the life you're okay with then be okay with it. Don't whine, don't complain...unless you're willing to put some action behind it. You have a right to be happy so long as it does not harm others. You don't have the privilege to expect it show up on its own, though. Life is a bank. There is the teller upfront, the banker in the office and the big bank vault in the bank. Too many people are happy to talk to the teller, some people think they are some big shxt because they talk to the banker, but down the hall, in the basement, past the security is the vault. The big prize reserved for those people bold and consistent enough to know the journey wasn’t over just because they got farther than most.

If life is a bank, I'm trying to get the vault. Find what truly fulfils you and as long as you're not hurting anyone pursue that shxt.

You're worth way too much to short change yourself.

- Rob Immortal

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