Heavy is the Head...

Hi Guys..

I’m Treblemaka, one half of the Black Married Fly Podcast, Husband, and comicbook nerd. This is a place where I will be keeping my thoughts and feelings as a husband, as a black man, as an entrepreneur. Please bear with me. I’ve never done something like this before and will be figuring it out as I go.

That being said…..

Being a man. Is tough. As shxt. Now is that misogynistic? Nope. Does it imply that women have it easy? Nah. I understand how people jump to those conclusions though. Its tough being a man because of the responsibility you have. The amount of room you have to fuk up is so small. Being a man means you are responsible for assisting your family and community without needing as much from them. It means even while boys are programmed that manliness means being detached from their emotions, as men they still have to some how stay sane. A man has to figure out how to be responsible without a teacher or mentor to show him correctly. A man has to stay strong for himself and others.

Its sad but many men want the perks without the work. Some believe they are entitled to be put on a pedestal simply because of their gender. I disagree but I do believe that a mans place is to lead, even if its just mastery over oneself. A man’s place is at the front leading the way. Being in the front doesn’t just mean you get to be first in line for the good stuff, it also means you’re first in line for the bad. That means taking the hit so your family doesn’t have to, it means leading by example even when you don’t want to, It means doing the right thing even when everyone else is wrong.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, not because the crown symbolize the power of the ruler, but responsibility to the ones whose lives you’ve have been trusted with. And honestly that shxt is hard as fuk.

- Treb

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