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Each Second and Fourth Monday of the Month, Latrice will be Dropping a new video with tips on navigating a relationship (romantic or otherwise) and ways to improve and grow yourself as a person. These tips aren’t just for men or women in relationships they are for anyone that is looking to grow and reach their potential! So pull up a chair, grab a glass of wine (or water if you don’t drink) and prepare to be inspired!


Ep #6 Co-Parenting After A Break-Up

Co-parenting after a split can become almost excruciating, especially if you have a particularly strained relationship with your ex.  All of the changes involved in ending a relationship can have a monumentally negative effect on the children you share together; if you let it.  So, today, Latrice is giving you four basic principles of healthy co-parenting after a break-up.

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Ep #5: Why Your Relationships Keep Failing

Relationships fail for many reasons. This week Latrice walks us through some ways we can take ownership of the causes, how to avoid selfish pitfalls and ways to avoid being the cause of a failing relationship.

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Ep #4: How to Fight Fair

Effective communication is important when handling conflict within a relationship. This week Latrice walks you through some rules to avoid unnecessary escalation during conflict, getting your mind right before entering the conflict and having some goals to ensure that the experience is not a fruitless one.

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Ep #3: How to Find Compromise In Your Relationship

Compromise is a necessary part of any healthy relationship.  Making the effort to bend or yield on certain topics strengthens trust between partners, and enhances intimacy because you know the other person is willing to make the effort as well.  Today, we’re talking about the difference between compromise and sacrifice, and the steps you need to find healthy compromise in your relationship.

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Ep #2: How To Keep Your Parents Out Of Your Relationships

We all crave the love and support that comes from a parent who truly cares about us.  But as millennials across the age spectrum are beginning to realize, there is a thin line between constructive feedback and overreach. When it comes to our romantic life, some parents forget that this line exists. So, today I’m giving you three tips to help you keep your parents out of your relationships.  

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Ep #1 How to Find a Real One

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About Latrice…

Latrice Sampson Richards is a mental and emotional wellness creative, Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Life-Enhancement Coach for Black women who are ready to heal from our past so we can build a future we deserve.  She is the host of Unicorns Talk Podcast, a weekly girl-talk about Black women our healing and manifestation; and the founder and chief editor of TheBlackUnicornProject.com, an online community center committed to the celebration of Black culture and well-being.  Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, she has spent the last 7 years traveling the world providing counseling and coaching services for active duty members of our armed forces and their dependents.  Latrice is an internationally known transformational speaker, teacher, and healer.  She is a wife, PCOS fighter, aspiring mother, and entrepreneur.