Starting from Scratch

Alright, I got my technology game kind of back on track.  I know a few of yall were probably wondering what happened there;  I just kill computers. I see them and murder them slowly and when all of the 0 and 1 are gone then and only then am I happy.

Naw, really I just have chosen some crap ass PCs and because of that I have decided to pledge my loyalty to Apple.  

Other realizations have left me feeling depressed, isolated, overweight, and just overall not like the Candace DeNea that I share with the world on my podcast.  I don’t know if y'all know what it feels like to feel to feel like a phoney or even a stranger in your own life, but that’s the honest truth.

As to not make this blog all doom and gloom, because it isn’t my intention, let’s get to the cookies and bubbles.

I have decided to remake myself into the person that I wanted to be, in spite of dealing with debt, depression, infertility, loneliness, being overweight, all of it! I played with the idea of re-naming the blog “Getting my Shyt Together” but I already started branding “Fly by Candace Denea.”  I am going to change the overall name to “Fly, a blog by Candace Denea” at the suggestion of my husband, it just makes more sense and sounds less like a fragrance. “Getting My Shyt Together” will be a new segment to the blog coming out once a month, no pics just words detailing my experience in recreating self, similar to an online diary.  

My hope is that there is someone else out there can benefit from this naked experience in some way.  

*** Disclaimer****

Just like with my podcast, some things in the Black Community don’t get talked about enough, healing and taking control of your life is one of them.  I’m not a mental health professional and in no way am I claiming that my way is the best way or even medically founded, I’m just try to help and inspire men and women by sharing; in turn maybe they will do the same.  Each one teach one.

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