Self-Binding Blanket

Self Binding Blanket


This by far has got to be my favorite beginner sewing projects.  Up until this point I have made pillows and burp cloths, which are super easy and a great way to get to know your sewing machine before moving on to more challenging projects.  What makes these blankets so rewarding to me is that they are super snuggly and equally as quick.


For this project you will need the following:

❖    Scissors or rotary

❖    Ruler/ yardstick/ cutting mat (something to measure with)

❖    Pins

❖    1 yard snuggle flannel or nursery flannel fabric

❖    1 yard minky or other sherpa fabric

❖    Coordinating thread

❖    Sewing machine or Serger

❖    Fabric marker/ washable marker

❖    Quilting Square (at least 5x5 in.)

 Start by selecting your fabrics and deciding what will be the outside of your quilt/ blanket and which will be the inner square.  I chose for all my blankets to put the minky on the outside and the snuggle flannel on the inside.  Either option makes for a cute blanket.  I am making a 36 x 36 in. blanket but you are welcomed to make yours as small or as large as you please. Once you have made up your mind measure the outer blanket to 36 in. (or to your desired size).

Blanket 3.jpg

Go ahead and use a fabric marker or a washable marker (as seen here) to mark your fabric.  Make any necessary cuts to get your blanket to where you need it.  I am using a rotary blade for my cutting but you can do this just as well with scissors.


Now you need to decide how thick you want want your borders.  I’m using 3 in. in this post but I have done 2 in. for other projects and they turned out just fine.  Do you and make your border as thin or as thick as you like.  Once you’ve decided on your borders pull out your quilting square.  Line up the corners at the 45 degree angle and cut. 


You can also fold this over and pin but I find that it is way easier to sew the new cuts together and create a pocket.Make sure you are placing right sides together so that the wrong side is on the outside.  So fold the two new corners together for all four cuts.   Flip it right side out.Put this two the side and lets focus on the flannel.

Blanket 8.jpg


Since the minky is 36 x 36 in. and we are using 3 in. borders the flannel should be cut 33 x 33 in. By cutting the flannel this way you leave some room for mistakes.  You can always cut it down if you need to but until you get amazing at measurements play it safe.  Place your center square into your minky pocket.

Blanket 9.jpg

(disclaimer: I totally didn't measure my flannel correctly in the photo and you will see that I purchased a new center flannel for this project. #measurementsmatter)


Now pin for your life!  I like for the edges to look super nice by folding them over but depending on your sherpa you may not need to.  This fabric is forgiving and hides most mistakes.  Nevertheless, be careful and try your best to keep your stitches straight by using as many pins as you feel necessary.  Make sure you are using pins you can easily find so that you don’t turn this blanket into a weapon. (note if you chose to fold your border over make sure you pin your center and the fold together before sewing.)


Sew,  I chose to use a straight stitch for my top stitch.  I place my pins vertically so that I can sew over them if you place yours horizontally be sure to pull them out as you sew so you don’t break your needle.

Blanket 12.jpg


You can stop right here (as seen on the grey lion blanket) or you can get fancy and add one of the decorative stitches programmed on your machine.  I chose a zigzag stitch that I adjusted to a 4 on my Brother XM2701 (as seen on the blue and purple blankets).    Either way now that you have finished the blanket pull your pins and cut your excess thread. 


 This whole process should take less than 30 mins.  Now that I have made a few of these blankets it takes me about 15 mins.  The self-binding blanket is a super popular project and great gifts for little ones and expectant parents.  Comment below with you suggestions and tag me on IG (@Candace_DeNea) with your own projects using #flyblog


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