Bitch u betta Plan!

Something my Flyheads should already know is that I love planning and journaling.  For me, a combination of planning and journaling has become a weekly staple feeding my creative need to write and create mini-pieces of art.  More than just playing with stickers and stuff, using a planner is a MAJOR KEY in productivity.

I was first introduced to the idea of writing my daily plans down by a dentist I used to work for (shouts out to Bro Jer!)  He was in the midst of rebranding and some major life changes and he bought a Panda Planner.



This planner is a planner geared towards goals and gratitude.  It provides you with 12 months and weekly layouts. It’s bound and you cannot add pages to it.  This is great if you are just starting out planning, if you are no frills and straight to the point.

Though I think this is a great product I went for a more creative approach initially and decided to Bullet Journal.  Bullet Journaling is a way of combining custom layouts, lists and scrapbooking to create a planner that is truly unique to you and your needs.  Most bullet journalers prefer the Leuchtturm1917. This is a bound dot grid journal. The idea behind Bullet Journaling it to create spreads that cater to your personal productivity.  Mine would consist of a yearly spread or Year at a Glance, Monthly spread or Month at a Glance, Weekly/ Daily Spreads, and a Monthly Habit Tracker. This was great for my first year but I found having to constantly draw out my spreads time consuming in a way that did not make sense for me.  



So after a year of creating beautiful but time consuming spreads, I was ready to move on to some structure.  I discovered the Passion Planner. This company was founded by a college student with the goal of increasing productivity through simplicity.  Passion planner also donates a planner for every planner sold to those in needs including individuals, schools, and non-profit organizations. What is unique and special about this planner is the Passion Road Map exercise.  This exercise is included in the beginning of the year in the planner as well as the middle of the year. What it does is ask you a series of questions to help you focus on the goals that you want to achieve as well as create a time frame for them.  This was a MAJOR KEY for me because I was attempting to get my shyt together and desperatey needed the organization and accountability help that is built into Passion Planner. My only complaint about Passion Planner is that their layouts are created for minimalism.  I like to write and enjoy having space to be wordy, as well as space to journal. Passion Planner does have downloadable solutions for this as well as habit and finance trackers that you can glue into their spreads. Keep in mind the goal with this planner is to be simply and to the point, their additional downloads are reflective of this.


On to my current planners, Yes I said PLANNERS!  I am currently obsessed with the Happy Planner by Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI).  Happy Planner is available literally everywhere from Amazon to Walmart. What I fell in love with is how versatile their planners are.  They essentially offer 5 different sizes of notebooks and planners and 4 different layout styles for monthly and weekly spreads. They also make a crap ton of stickers and customizable inserts.  You literally can transform your Happy Planner into anything and everything that you need it to be. The MAJOR KEY here is the discs that bind the planner. The discs allow for you to add/ remove pages, re-use the planner for years if you want, and customize the covers.  Happy Planner has organized my life for 1 year now and I like it because I can create beautiful spreads one week and go straight bullet journal simple the next. I can add blank pages to journal, or switch out a weekly layout to one that has more room to write. If you want to see what I’m talking about you can follow my planner page on IG: Plans_in_tha_trap.  My only complaint about the Happy Planner planners is that their Teacher Planners just aren’t that functional for secondary teachers. Though they offer a ton of options for personal planning that I am sure could be finessed for the Big Teacher Planner, they don’t have anything truly dedicated to that planner. So I have that one and I don’t think I will be using it for the 2019-2020 school year unless I go to a Bullet Journal format with that. I’m on the fence right now, when I figure it out I will write a blog about it.





I believe in the power of writing and planning.  To help you all get started I am giving away

  • 1 classic sized 18 month Happy Planner    


  • 1 8x11 Undated Passion Planner

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Winners will be announced Saturday, June 15th via IG Live.  Winners will also be emailed and named in the Monthly newsletter for June 2019 (optional link to your social media if you want).

Good luck and happy planning!!!

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