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Hey y'all!


So it's still fairly early in the year still so if you haven't yelled out “New year, new me” yet you still have time. Matter of fact I'm about to put y'all on so much game with this post you won't know what the hell to do next!


If you're anything like me then you don't mind paying for convenience. I will buy store cut veggies just to save time.  What you may not be cognizant of is that convenient package comes with a substantial mark up on the actual vegetable you plan to consume.  Something that I have started to do is prepare my heartier more freezer friendly veggies in advance. Two that have worked great for me are zucchini and cauliflower.


So I'm a big fan of zoodles and Turkey meatballs! They are delicious but zucchini doesn't keep very long so it's not that prudent to buy packaged zoodles in bulk (unless you have freezer space… do you boo) plus it gets pricey. The average cost of frozen zoodles or packaged zoodles is about $2.00 for 8- 10 oz. A zucchini normally costs less than $1.

First start with some zucchini. This past week I racked up on these babies for about 59 cents each.


I like to pick firm ones with minimal dings and nicks. Wash them off well and load one into your spiralizer. The one I'm using is from Faberware. I got it for like $20 at Big Lots.


It comes with 3 blades; thick spiral, thin spiral, and ribbon cut.  My preference for the zoodles is the thick spiral.

Spiralizer 2.jpg

Turn the handle to feed the zucchini through the blade and voila! Zoodles ready to eat or freeze.  Zoodles can last for up to 2 mos in the freezer.


Now, another quick and healthy make ahead option is riced cauliflower.  Let me warn you now; cauliflower doesn't taste like rice!  It is however, a lower calorie option to the real deal and doesn't interfere terribly with the flavor of your dish. It is amazingly simple to prepare ahead of time as well.


First get a head or two of cauliflower. I purchased 2 for 99 cents each.


Some people suggest cutting the florets off and then grating them but trust me sis, it's way easier and faster to use the stalk as a handle. Next get your cheese grater.

Cauli 2.jpg

Then grate for your life.  The results are these small white flakes that resemble rice or a small couscous.

Cauli 3.jpg

This too costs more than $1 prepackaged and under $1 to prepare on your own.  This can chill in the freezer for up to 2 mos as well.


Aight so now that you know hit me in the comments and let me know what dishes you made with you zoodles or cauliflower rice.

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