Fertility Update!

Fertility Update!

Welcome back. For this week's blog post I'm dropping the tea on my uterus. Yass girl for all of us women struggling through the whirlwind of emotions and physical changes associated with fertility,  this one's for you, kid.

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So after nearly 3 long ass months of being told that I have eggs in my ovaries and a working uterus and the powers that be reassuring my husband that his sperm are badly built, we finally came in for our follow up with Dr. Mucowski. You don’t even know how nerve racking it has been to know the results of all the tests and still not know what your options are.


You all know I can't do anything unless I pile on the stress like little kids do ketchup. Not only are we seeing the fertility specialist, it's SAT day at school, I have less than a week to study for my TExES PRR (final licensure tests for a Texas teacher), my 1st day of grad school is around the corner, and the boo thang is out of work (for 72 hrs, but that's a long time in our house).

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After all that we come back to the original thing that we came in the door asking about, IVF+ICSI (Google it). Needless to say the baby GoFundMe is coming soon 😭🤪🤷🏾‍♀️

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