All For One And One For All

Fair warning this blog post was intended to be a makeup review but I have to get something off my chest before I can focus on anything else…

As most of you know Jussie Smollett was attacked in Chicago, authorities believe this was a hate crime.  I will be so bold as to state that Smollett’s attack WAS a hate crime.  For the most part, hate crimes tend to happen to people who belong to groups who are marginalized.  Taking it one step further, the LGBTQA+ community took to Twitter to accuse Black men of not rallying around this incident. 

hate chart.png

 Many Black men, including my husband, initially felt or still feel that hate crimes against Blacks in the LGBTQA+ community aren't their battle.  It ABSOLUTELY is the responsibility of ALL Black people and those who ally with us to stand up and demand that these things be punished and eventually stop happening.  The truth of the matter is, regardless of what Smollett was doing out and about Chicago, he did not deserve to be assaulted.  What makes him and other Black members of the LGBTQA+  targets is because the mainstream Black Community regards them as misfits and outsiders; this mentality leaves them unprotected, thus making them easy targets. 


Black people are still fighting for equality.  It is my solemn belief that we should not let such things as gender or sexual orientation divide us.  We have not reached a level of equality to where we can afford to stand against each other. Being at odds within our own race prevents us from making the strides we need to gain the equality we deserve.  As long as we continue to fight and abandon each other the more those who want to see our destruction gain ammunition against us.

black unity.png

I hope all of my readers consider this; our ancestors gave everything to gain an inch.  If we cannot stand in solidarity when our own are being killed indiscriminately, who will?  If our sons and daughters are not free to walk the streets, how will we thrive? Do you want to your heirs to live in a future where they aren’t free to love, free to prosper, or free to live how he or she chooses?

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