The One Pan Meal

The One Pan Meal

 Alright so we know that most of us are busy AF and that's our excuse for not cooking. As easy as it is to run through a drive through, we know that is not the best way to turn your leg into a six pack.  Drum roll please….to-date! Enter the one pan meal

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If you follow any food pages on IG or Pinterest then you know this 1 pan idea is the best knee's. It's super simple and can make a quality low calorie meal without the headache.


Step 1: Gather your ingredients. Typically you need a protein, starch, and veggies. Consider the cook time for these items. I choose frozen brussel sprouts to cook along with everything else because I did not defrost them. For fresh veggies, cook those later in the meal so they don't get too dry.


 Step 2: Season that food until the ancestors tell you to stop my child! Don't nobody want some bland ass chicken.


Step 3: Cook for about 30 mins- 1 hr depending on what you have chosen to prepare. Since I cubed my yam and my chicken cuts were pretty thin my actual cook time came in around 35 mins. ALWAYS let your meat rest for at least 5 minutes, this gives the juices time to get their lives.



Step 4: Bon appetit!

Don't come for me on my plating. It's about portion control and being healthy, not trying to win Masterchef.

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