Welcome to my blog.  I’m Candace DeNea, teacher, Co-host of Black.Married.Fly Podcast, Co-Owner and Creative Director of Black.Married.Fly the brand, wife, writer, novice seamstress, weaveologist, makeup junkie, and crafter. OMG! That is a lot but I can’t seem to be happy unless I am doing too much PERIOD.  So to feed my addiction to doing something I have committed to providing you my interpretation of my Fly.


Yes, I am so arrogant as to dub myself fly than a motherf*cker; if I can’t see me as fly how can anyone else, right?  In reality it is important that we all find our inner fly, and that may not be what is mainstream, AND that’s okay.  What is fly to me doesn’t have to be fly for you, but I hope since you’re here that we have something in common.


So from this blog you can expect a mash-up of all the hats that I wear from wife and relationships (completely one sided, if you want his opinion listen to the podcast or read Man360) to hair, beauty, and lifestyle.  I can’t wait to share my most recent DIY wedding centerpieces for my girl, Jazzmyn Blu’s wedding reception as well as many other crafts that I find myself doing. 


That’s all I have for this post, just intros and such. Check me out next Friday for my DIY throw pillows and sewing disaster/ spectacular (it gets really real whenever I break the sewing machine out, tears of despair and joy realness.  For the life of me I don’t know how people survived before we could just go buy things!)

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