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Robert “Rob Immortal” Miller and Candace DeNea Miller are serving you millennial realness as they discuss a variety of topics ranging from relationships to professional development, and all that’s in between. They share their candid relationship experience and from time to time give out some useful information that you wished you knew.

“We started our podcast to spread awareness and create a sense of community for Black couples. Often times media portrays the Black married couple as non-existent. We just wanted to have a platform where Black love can be celebrated for what it is, beautiful.” - Candace DeNea


“I listen to alot of podcasts and didn’t know of one where black couples spoke honestly and transparently about their relationship. Candace suggested we start one to fill the void. She and I speak candidly about where we are in our lives and what we’ve learned growing together and the feedback we’ve received has been amazing.” - Rob Immortal


We are always looking to add content contributors to our site. If you have a blog, YouTube Channel, or simply something interesting to say in the world of video games, professional development, nerd culture, or fashion we’d love to hear from you. Please email Candace DeNea at BlackMarriedFly@gmail.com

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For Episode suggestions or to give us your thoughts send an email to Info@BlackMarriedFly.com

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